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The scariest car names of all time


Dodge Charger Hellcat EmblemYes, it’s that time of year again. And while it’s unlikely that any automotive marketer has ever bestowed a name on a car with the express intention of scaring buyers, here are five that are, well, kinda scary.
5. AMC Gremlin
AMC probably was thinking more of the cherubic, impish mischief-making gremlin from the “Bugs Bunny” cartoon, “Falling Hare,” when they named their new compact. Obviously, nobody at American Motors ever fed one after midnight.
4. Rolls-Royce Ghost
The Ghost is either an often-used Rolls-Royce moniker or the last refuge of a short-on-imagination trick-or-treater wielding a sheet and a pair of scissors.

3. Dodge Charger Hellcat
The most common definition of hellcat is “witch.” And it doesn't get much more Halloween-y than that, does it?

2. Mercury Marauder
This one conjures up images of roving bands of animal skin-clad barbarians. For that reason, it may well be one of the best names ever given to a Mercury.

1. Dodge Demon
Here’s one that was raised from the dead. We were first introduced to the Demon as a variant of the 1971-72 Dodge Dart, and then again with the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon; the world’s fastest production car from 0-100 mph. This is one car name that is sure to scare the neighborhood kids.

Happy Halloween!



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