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A Perfect Fit for Every Step in Life

Personal Insurance Choices

We are an Independent Insurance Company that shops multiple insurance carriers for quality insurance at the best value.  We are not locked into one brand and will find you the best coverage for your personal or professional business
insurance needs.

Wherever life takes you, it’s important to be aware of your changing insurance needs.

Franconia Insurance & Financial Services can help. We focus on guiding individuals and families in making sound choices about the insurance protection they need at different stages in life. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind while giving you the best value in protecting what’s important to you.

FIFS’s status as an “independent” organization and Keystone Insurers Group member is your assurance that we will put your interests first as we create a plan that perfectly fits your personal insurance needs.

The trusted insurance advisors at FIFS live and work in your community. We will be here for you, every step of the way! 

Franconia Insurance & Financial Services understands that insurance can be a bit puzzling. Our trusted insurance advisors can help you find the missing pieces to your current insurance program. Our simple, yet thorough, approach to insurance is designed to give you peace of mind as we help you make “Smart Choices for a Secure Future.”

We listen and learn about your lifestyle, personal goals, and insurance needs.

We review your current insurance program to see if it is meeting your expectations.

We advise you on the proper coverage necessary to achieve your personal goals.

We serve you by providing timely responses to your questions, changes to your policy and claim inquiries.

We guide you along your journey, adapting your coverage through life’s transitional stages.

We value strong and lasting relationships with our clients.



Our home is typically our most valuable asset, and its insurance coverage should reflect that.  Terms like Replacement Value, Liability, water backup, Inland Marine, Ordinance & Law, and more are often misunderstood and overlooked.  As a result, consumers often purchase only what is required by their mortgage company leaving some serious gaps in their insurance coverage.  Each meeting or phone call with a trusted advisor at FIFS will include conversation about personal risk management in order to understand your insurance needs and expectations.

Every auto policy is like a puzzle with many pieces, each coming in several sizes and colors.  So how do you compare puzzles, when each one is different?  At FIFS, we take the time to explain how each puzzle piece works with one another in order to complete the puzzle that is unique to your needs; then we help you build it with the company that offers the best value to you. 

Personal UmbrellaPersonal Umbrella
An umbrella policy is designed to shelter you from the most violent storms in life.  Once thought of for only high net-worth clients, an umbrella policy can offer piece of mind to anyone who might be sued as a result of a car, motorcycle, or boating accident, from a negligent act on behalf of a homeowner or landlord, or even the careless acts of a parent or child.  Even if you don’t think you are at fault, an umbrella policy may even help pay legal costs to defend you until your innocence is proven.


Classic VehiclesAntique/Classic Vehicle
Many specialty companies offer reduced premiums for cars other than your daily drivers, as long as they meet certain criteria and guidelines.  Navigating these special circumstances often result in missing or inadequate coverage.  FIFS has access to all the major carriers at the same price as buying direct, however, our value is that we can help to manage all of your personal exposures to be sure that your protection is consistent across all policies.


Although some boats can be added to a homeowner policy, FIFS thinks that coverage is better off on its own policy for several reasons.  Numerous homeowner claims can trigger a cancellation, so writing a separate policy can help avoid losing your homeowner coverage.  Also, a homeowner policy may not provide replacement cost (or even stated value coverage for your boat) and may pay actual cash value at the time of the loss.  A separate policy can include valuable coverage like off-shore towing, Personal effects, and even pollution coverage which is excluded on a homeowner policy.

Your homeowner policy may only provide liability for motorcycles and ATV’s on your property.  When you take your motorcycle or ATV off your property, you no longer have liability protection.  Your homeowner policy will typically exclude theft or damage to a motorcycle or ATV unless it is use solely to service the property.  Also, your auto policy does NOT cover your motorcycle or ATV while in transit. 
The only way to be sure that you have off premises liability and property is to purchase a separate policy.

RentalRental Property
Rentals can be a good source of income but also a big liability.  Consider putting your rental into an LLC for the best protection.  Also, it is important to help manage your exposure with credit checks, references, and a good lease agreement.  Consider requiring your tenant to purchase renter’s insurance and add the name of the deeded owner (you or the LLC) to the policy as additional insured’s.  This will provide you with the maximum protection against tenant negligence.

Life InsuranceLife Insurance
There are many reasons to purchase life insurance and income replacement is the most common.  Consider how long you might want your income to continue in your absence, and then round up to pay off any outstanding debts like a mortgage, car, or student loans.  Employer provided life coverage is a nice benefit, but you typically cannot take it with you if you leave your job.  FIFS recommends having a quality life policy in addition to any employer provided coverage in order to protect your insurability and to make sure you have adequate coverage in place when you need it most.

You are statistically more likely to become disabled than die, yet this coverage is often overlooked due to its higher cost than life insurance.  Purchasing this valuable coverage is especially important if you are self-employed, are not covered under workers compensation, or simply because of your lifestyle.  We encounter risk every day that could affect our ability to work, so consider disability insurance to protect your ability to pay ongoing expenses in the absence of a your paycheck.


Health PlanIndividual and Family Health Plan
Whether you are self-employed, in between jobs, or your employer does not provide health care coverage, you should consider health insurance a necessity in today’s climate of high health care costs.  FIFS can help you navigate the marketplace to find you the right coverage for your budget.  

Senior BenefitsSenior Benefits
Retirement can lead to many questions and concerns about ongoing health care coverage.  Whether you are nearing retirement, have already retired, or are helping a parent or loved one with their health care options, call FIFS to help you navigate your options in the senior healthcare marketplace.  Explore your Medicare, Medicaid, and Part D options by setting up an appointment today.


Long-Term CareLong-Term Care
With rising costs of health care and senior living facilities, it is important to think about the financial challenges you may face if you can no longer live independently in your home.  Despite market volatility, there are still options in order to offset some of these costly facility expenses.  Call FIFS to explore your Long Term Care options today.

Our Commitment to Professionalism

logo CIClogo CISRThe emphasis we place on education sets us apart from our competitors. Some of the many designations achieved by our staff include Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) and Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR).



"Chad Yoder of Franconia Insurance & Financial Services was a trustworthy advocate, who helped us resolve a difficult homeowner's claim. His expertise, sound advice, and loyalty gives us peace of mind that we will be made "whole again" if catastrophe strikes again. This kind of personal concern for our welfare is why we chose Franconia Insurance to protect our home for the last 22 years."

Donna W. of Allentown

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