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More Than Just a Plaid Suit

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A Real Life Story of J.R. Hager, Life & Health Advisor at FIFS, LLC


Hollywood depicts life insurance agents as pushy salespeople in plaid suits; no social skills; the butt of jokes; and avoided at social gatherings. You can’t always believe what’s depicted on the silver screen. As a life insurance advisor, I have a totally different view of the industry and products.

Over the past 20+ years of working with life insurance I have had the unfortunate opportunity to deliver checks to husbands, wives, and family members when they are in their deepest time of sorrow. One of these experiences has significantly impacted me.

I delivered a life insurance benefit to a young, recently widowed mother and her family. As I sat with her at the kitchen table and handed her the check, I could see her two young children in another room watching television. My head was spinning with thoughts about this family and their situation. Was this check enough? Would the children be able to attend college if they wanted? Would this now single mom of two be able to stay in her home and keep everything financially stable? My questions would not be answered that day, but later I heard things that really touched my heart.

Years later I was talking with the woman who had received the life insurance benefit. She told me how the insurance proceeds enabled her family to keep both their home and a small vacation home where they loved to spend time together. The two young children had grown up and were both in college.

The father’s love for his family continued to shine through the plans he had made many years prior when he purchased a life insurance policy. This, and a hard-working, devoted mother, were the key factors in maintaining financial stability for their family.

Stereotypical jokes can be made, but I have seen first-hand how a family’s financial security can depend on life insurance. Having the privilege of helping a family during the loss of a loved one is what inspires me to continue to work with clients as they make plans for their family’s future.

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