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Life’s Twists & Turns

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A Real Life Story of Sid Ruth, Partner and Financial Advisor at FIFS, LLC


The evening of January 13, 1987 was not unlike many evenings growing up in our household. My mother was preparing to leave for an evening bible study and my father had just come upstairs from his daily exercise routine. The kids, including myself, my older sister and brother, had finished dinner and were settling down for the evening while the news of the day streamed across the television screen in our living room.

The moments that followed changed everything I thought I knew about life, and since has given me a unique perspective when assisting clients in planning for their futures. There are often inevitable life events that are neither pleasant nor imaginable in our present circumstances.

A minute prior to my mother leaving, my father suffered a massive heart attack and was almost instantly gone from our lives forever. The previously unthinkable had just become our reality. As the days, months and years have passed, I have seen how blessed our family was in having a very close extended family and church family that were there for us in so many ways. We all have unique perspectives shaped by our own life experiences. The passing of my father, who left a young wife and three children all under the age of 16, shaped my view when planning for my own family’s financial future. It has also framed the discussions that I have with my clients. The idea that a solid financial plan ensures that if a tragic event occurs, those left behind are taken care of is not just a regurgitation from a textbook, it is something I have experienced and believe strongly.

For many, including myself, having the proper amount of life insurance is the foundation on which any financial plan is built. We all have dreams; not only for ourselves but also for those we love. Unfortunately, life’s twists and turns do not always match up with our expectations. Some advance planning and sacrifice in the present can ensure that those we love can continue to live out their dreams, even in our absence.

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