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A Legacy Gift

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A Real Life Story of Chad Yoder, Partner and Personal Insurance Advisor at FIFS, LLC


While standing at a rest area phone booth in Wallingford, Connecticut, I received the news. My father had a stroke during the night and was on life support. Doctors kept him alive until I got home so that the entire family could say their final goodbyes. On December 7, 1996, he passed away.

I was 24 years old, married to my wife, Jen, and had two small children. We were renting an apartment and I was gone most of the week driving tractor trailer for Zeigler’s Apple Cider. Although I enjoyed my job, having two small children as well as a parent in the hospital took its toll on me and my family. Soon after my father’s death I pursued a career in insurance, which led me to FIFS almost twenty years ago.

A few years later, now with 3 children, my wife and I sought to purchase our first home. It was a small house, but having recently started a new career it was still near the top of our budget. We had some money set aside, but the down payment was still going to be a stretch.

During this process, my mother approached Jen and me. She told us about a small life insurance policy my father had originally purchased to cover their mortgage, which had since been paid. In lieu of that mortgage, Mom said that she (and Dad) wanted to help us with our down payment.

This gift from my mom (and dad) enabled us to make a larger down payment, so that our monthly expenses were more manageable. It was a way for Mom to honor my father, and the desire for their children to own a home. His selfless gift of life insurance assured my mother’s financial security, and offered Jen and me a chance to own our first home. This is a legacy gift that we will always cherish and remember.

As a Personal Insurance Advisor, my experience has brought to light many potential needs for additional coverage. Is there adequate life coverage in place? Does it meet the financial goals that my clients have for their family? Are there other potential gaps in coverage, such as disability or long-term care insurance? Have my clients taken the necessary steps to address these needs?

I want others to have the same financial security for their own families as I experienced. Working together with my clients who are engaging in proper planning has become a career passion.

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