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Life Insurance




Planting for Tomorrow

A Real Life Story of Karla Myers, Operations Manager at FIFS, LLC

When I was a young child my parents built a house, and the first things my father added to the property were a garden and an orchard. On many summer evenings you could find him checking on the plants to make sure they were progressing as he had hoped...

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A Legacy Gift

A Real Life Story of Chad Yoder, Partner and Personal Insurance Advisor at FIFS, LLC

While standing at a rest area phone booth in Wallingford, Connecticut, I received the news. My father had a stroke during the night and was on life support. Doctors kept him alive until I got home so that the entire family could say their final goodbyes...

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Life’s Twists & Turns

A Real Life Story of Sid Ruth, Partner and Financial Advisor at FIFS, LLC

The evening of January 13, 1987 was not unlike many evenings growing up in our household. My mother was preparing to leave for an evening bible study and my father had just come upstairs from his daily exercise routine...

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Financial Stress Avoided

A Real Life Story of Franconia Insurance & Financial Services

FIFS was founded in 1994. Within our first 10 years of operation, three of our employees dealt with extended illnesses that, unfortunately, resulted in untimely deaths. We lost a business owner and financial advisor, a life insurance advisor and a receptionist...

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More Than Just a Plaid Suit

A Real Life Story of JR Hager, Life & Health Advisor at FIFS, LLC

Hollywood depicts life insurance agents as pushy salespeople in plaid suits; no social skills; the butt of jokes; and avoided at social gatherings. You can’t always believe what’s depicted on the silver screen...

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logo Life Happens

Learn how life insurance can protect the ones you love at

Calculate your Life Insurance needs with this free Life Insurance Calculator.


The top reason people give for not buying life insurance is that they think it’s too expensive, however 80% overestimate how much it costs. The true cost for a 20-year $250,000 level term life insurance policy for a healthy 30-year-old is about $160 a year. That’s a little over 40 cents a day or $13 a month1. To put it into perspective, here’s what the cost looks like compared with what many people spend per month on: 


fifs-icon-lifeinsurance.png fifs-icon-cellphone.png fifs-icon-cabletv.png fifs-icon-coffee.png


life insurance 


cell phone2


cable TV3


coffee on the way to work4

Trimming just a few dollars from any of these would make
getting - and affording - life insurance a no-brainer. 


affordable peace of mind

    $250,000    $500,000
Male Age 30   $13.05 monthly   $20.00 monthly
Female Age 30   $11.61 monthly   $17.37 monthly
Male Age 40   $17.80 monthly   $28.75 monthly
Female Age 40   $15.35 monthly   $25.11 monthly

*Rates based on 20 year guarantee, non-tobacco, preferred plus rating.5

All data is from the 2015 Insurance Barometer Study by Life Happens and LIMRA, and, unless otherwise noted.
1 Life insurance quote is from Quick Life Center, quoted in April 2015.
2 New Street Research, The Wall Street Journal, March 9, 2014
3 Report on Cable Industry Prices, Federal Communications Commission, May 16, 2014
4 Accounting Principals’ Workonomix Survey, conducted by Braun Research, 2013
5 Life insurance quotes are from LifeMark Partners in January 2019.


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